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"Repair anywhere with flair"....inside or out..  Lets talk about our textures and coatings..

experienced skilled epoxy installer professionals

experienced epoxy floor installers

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Experienced and Skilled Epoxy Installation Professionals
Our Professional Installation Experts have worked in many different situations and have experience with all types of concrete taking in to consideration every detail that may arise.

Why Us?

1.  We do proper prep work.

2.  We only use excellent/high value products.

3.  We tell you what we use.

4.  We can give you any look...i.e. Metallic, Chip, Industrial.....

5.  We use 3 to 5 coats of coating.

6.  We have installed over 300 local jobs.

7.  We can install inside or outside.

8.  We have over 20 years of experience.

9.  We give fast service.

10. Personal design service available.

​11. Samples available.

Epoxy Flooring Company

Full Service Epoxy Cement Floor Coverings Installer. 

Free Estimates Call 304-276-7770. 

Prices start as LOW AS $4.50/Square Foot.

North Central West Virginia from Morgantown, WV.

South Western Pennsylvania from Uniontown, PA. 

Phone:  304-276-7770

E-Mail:  morgantownconcrete@gmail.com

When you think of protecting or making your concrete more decorative, Morgantown Concrete should come to mind.  We have extensive experience in concrete practices such as Epoxy Coatings, Clean and Seal and Repair.  We take pride in every detail to make sure our clients are well informed of the processes and are happy with our work. 

All information submitted for your free estimate is kept confidential and never shared or sold.

Fullservice epoxy cememnt floor coverings installer morgantown west virginis

We are Manufacturer Trained and Approved Installers: