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​​​FAST Concrete Repair with SPARTACOTE FAST FIX by Morgantown Concrete

Large concrete cracks in old garage floor

Professional Concrete and Coatings Contractors run into all kinds of different concrete problems when they’re working in the field. These include pop-outs, pitting, scaling, and spalling. While concrete is a wonderful building material, it is not without its problems. Concrete cracking is so commonplace that expert contractors expect to find them in the field. They plan for them and are never surprised whenever they’re encountered.

Concrete pop-outs

While large cracks are not as common as hairline fractures, these can be particularly pernicious to a resinous floor coating if left untreated. As the substrate continues to move—and it does—it takes the floor coating along with it as it expands further. Any floor coating is only as good as its underlying concrete substrate. A weak or unsound concrete surface creates a weak or unsound floor coating, covering or topping.

Large concrete cracks in garage floor

To complement its polyaspartic and epoxy concrete coatings, SPARTACOTE also offers FAST FIX, a two part, very fast setting hybrid urethane repair material for concrete cracks, spalls, pop-outs, and hairline fractures. Combined with aggregate, FAST FIX can be used for patching spalls and repairing joints and large cracks in concrete. Available in low odor formulations, FAST FIX sets up within ten minutes after mixing, and the exothermic material expands to fill in the repair areas. After approximately 20 minutes, installers can grind off the excess material by mechanical profile, taking the concrete surface to an ICRI CSP 2. This makes for speedy concrete repairs necessary for installers under tight project schedules.

Watch our quick tutorial video on SPARTACOTE FAST FIX:

• Feather edge repairs – no square cutting required
• Very fast prep and minimal downtime
• Meets USDA requirements
• Rapid application & Set Times
• Cold application to -35º F
• Excellent abrasion & impact resistance

Repaired concrete cracks in existing garage floor

Special thanks to Morgantown Concrete for the concrete repair photos, an expert, seasoned SPARTACOTE coatings installer and partner of LATICRETE International, Inc. Morgantown’s mission is to give people the option of prolonging the life of their existing concrete without tearing it out and replacing it.

In addition to applying SPARTACOTE coating systems, Morgantown Concrete professionals also:

-Clean and seal concrete surfaces
-Apply concrete overlays over prepared concrete surfaces
-Repair interior or exterior concrete
-Complete tear-out and replacement of concrete surfaces
-Decorative concrete surfaces both indoors and outdoors

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Repaired concrete cracks in new garage floor

SPARTACOTE coating over repaired concrete

By Jeff Bonkiewicz|June 6th, 2017|Blog, Concrete Coatings, News, Polyaspartic

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​Removing tile from exterior patios to prepare the Concrete


They fixed the cracks, holes, and grooves by v-grooving them and patched the spalls and pop-outs with SPARTACOTE Fast Fix, a fast setting, two part concrete patch and repair material. After setting the concrete patching material, they ground the concrete substrate to an ICRI CSP 2. The concrete was then ready to accept the SPARTACOTE quartz coating system.

​SPARTACOTE quartz concrete coatings for exterior residential Patios

My Dive Shop logo in SPARTACOTE Metallic Concrete Coating

Morgantown, WV – Maverick Contracting located in Morgantown, West Virginia, installed an ocean blue SPARTACOTE Metallic floor for a retail SCUBA diving shop using HP Spartacote cobalt blue metallic additive. This diving shop, called My Dive Shop, offers PADI SCUBA diving certification classes, Emergency First Responder training, and offers products by dozens of SCUBA gear manufacturers. Owned by Melody Metz and Daniel Langdon, both owners share a passion for SCUBA. In their quest for a local shop to fill their air tanks, they realized there were not any near them. They then took this as a sign to take a leap and follow their collective passion. Today, My Dive Shop is devoted to giving its clients the thrilling experience the underwater world has to offer.

Spartacote Metallic Cobalt Blue Concrete Coating for My Dive Shop retail floor

Looking for something unique to replicate the look and feel of the ocean, Daniel reached out to local SPARTACOTE coatings experts at Maverick Contracting. Vince Putkowski of Maverick Contracting worked with Langdon in designing the concrete coating application. The dive shop was moving to a new larger location and wanted to provide customers with a “WOW!” feeling. Dan considered many options of wall coverings, ceiling tiles, flooring and finally realized the blue ocean, 3-D like effect would provide a super bang for his investment. As Dan explains, “it’s what people look at the most. Now, they are looking at the water and thinking about scuba diving”.

Spartacote Metallic Cobalt Blue Concrete Coating for My Dive Shop retail floor

Langdon continues, “This is an example of using the retail concrete floor to remind customers of the ocean while purchasing diving lessons, fins, wet suits, and related products. The beautiful blue waters enhance the buying experience.”

The project was completed in two days, including concrete surface prep.

My Dive Shop’s collective customer reaction is overwhelmingly positive. The ocean feel begins when new and existing customers enter the front door and see Dan’s colorful logo. The logo has been installed on top of the blue metallic floor but under the two clear coats of SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE. The SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE top coats give My Dive Shop excellent protection against impact, abrasion, and chemicals, while the Metallic coating exhibits cool, life-like, 3-D effects and textures.


Recently, a residential homeowner had problems with her back patio. The ceramic tile that had been in place for years began cracking and peeling off of the surface. This causes numerous issues, including leaking water, poor aesthetics, and unsafe, nearly un-walkable surfaces. The homeowner researched many different flooring options, including tear-out and reinstalling the tile. After speaking with Maverick Contracting out of Morgantown, WV, she decided to try SPARTACOTE Quartz coatings for her exterior patio.

​Residential Exterior Patio Before Tile Removal

The Maverick concrete crew began removing the tile and the initial surface prep steps. They removed the mastic, the glue, and other debris. They noted numerous cracks and holes around the pillars which were likely the culprit for the water leaks.​

​Exterior Residential Patios coated with SPARTACOTE Quartz Concrete Coatings

From there, they applied a clear SPARTACOTE grout coat to act as a mid-coat to secure the underlying quartz and to act as the adhesive for the next quartz coating. The crew then broadcast the second quartz coating onto the wet resin and allowed it to cure. Then, they broomed the excess quartz off of the surface. And finally, the applied the last SPARTACOTE top coat to the exterior patio surface, locking the material in.

The final coating system gives this residential homeowner a beautiful, durable, customizable, easy to clean surface with high traction that will last for years.

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Prepared Concrete on Exterior Residential Patio

The Maverick Concrete crew then began the SPARTACOTE coatings process. They applied a base coat of SPARTACOTE Flex SB light grey. This concrete coating acts as the base primer coat and the underlying color of the coating system. Next, they broadcast the first coat of quartz by hand onto the surface to saturation. They allowed this coat to cure for about an hour, and then they bloomed the excess quartz from the surface.

A Review we received on Angies List:

12/21/2016 – Sandy Tracy

The floor turned out beautifully. Friends admire it and always remark how nice it looks. It cleans 
beautifully. Sorry I don't have any pictures to share at the moment.

Category: Epoxy Flooring
Services Performed: Yes

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