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More pictures of concrete that will be repaired and coated.

concrete resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacings

Make your old concrete look new again.  By resurfacing your concrete you can get any cracks repaired and make it look new again.

"Bring the Beauty Back to the Surface"

Professional Installation.  Standard Ardex Concrete Overlay

Overlays are typically 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of tearing out and replacing concrete.  We propose using a concrete overlay instead of the tearing out and replacing concrete as described below.

 We use a multi step process to re-surface your existing concrete. This is a concrete coating and sticks to a properly prepared concrete surface.  Keep in mind that we are doing a resurfacing of your existing concrete and not pouring new concrete. You will see spots that are not perfect because of the condition of the existing concrete.


Step 1:  We grind the surface of the concrete down to sound and clean concrete.  The grinding removes contaminates on the surface and also profiles the concrete. This is a very light grind and does not "dig" into the concrete.  Basically what we grind off we put back in the overlay.  Proper preparation of your concrete is the most important step.

Step 2:  If necessary, we patch and deep bad spots with a combination of Ardex ERM patching materials or HP Spartacoat Fast Fix epoxy patch. The patch work does not look fancy when completed. The patching is designed to fill in the bad spots. After the patching material has set we grind the patch work to create a more even surface.

 It is at this time that we would do any crack repair.  In summary, the cracks in the concrete are repaired by grinding out the loose concrete and then using an epoxy joint filler or Ardex ERM. If it is a moving crack we use a Sika flex caulk to allow for joint movement.  See our Concrete Crack Repair Guidelines for more details.

Step 3: Now we apply Ardex Concrete Guard at 50% as a primer before applying the concrete coating. This primer helps the coating to stick to the existing concrete.

Step 4: Then we apply the actual overlay called Ardex CD Fine and put a broom finish on it.

Step 5:  After the overlay is completed, we put Ardex Concrete Guard concrete gray sealer on the broom finish. This is an excellent concrete sealer.   See our Concrete Sealer Guidelines for more details.

Step 6:  Plan for maintenance. We will look at your concrete each year and let you know if anything is required.  We offer a variety of maintenance plans.

 The Ardex Concrete Guard is a tinted sealer because you can see when the sealer wears. It's hard to see when a clear sealer wears. Every few years we reapply the sealer. You should always seal concrete.  We can also apply the Ardex sealer to make other areas of concrete blend and look new and consistent.  This sealer is also used to cover stains and discolored concrete so it looks like new concrete.

 We call this entire process as an Ardex concrete overlay. It is much less painful than tearing out and replacing concrete.  There are benefits to the tear out and replacement. But it's hard to justify the cost. We would rather resurface then replace the concrete.

How long does it last?

The life of the overlay depends on how the concrete is used on a daily basis and maintaining the sealer.  With proper maintenance you can expect 10-15 years of usefulness from a concrete overlay.

The life of the sealer depends on how the concrete is used on a daily basis.  Sidewalks we typically see a 3-4 year life.  Driving areas we see a 2 year life. With proper maintenance you can easily double the life of your concrete. 

Concrete Resurfacing

residential concrete resurfacing