Quartz high performance epoxy flooring

SPARTACOTE® Quartz™ is a highly-durable concrete coating application which incorporates a double broadcast of colored quartz aggregates with SPARTACOTE® polyaspartic and epoxy concrete coatings. The system provides flooring solutions for the most demanding heavy-traffic environments, specifically in areas which require excellent high traction properties.

quartz concrete epoxy flooring

This graphic shows the different steps to install the quartz epoxy concrete coating.

Monolithic Quartz High Performance Epoxy Flooring

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​Steps for Installation:

1.  We come out and evaluate your concrete.  We measure the area to be coated and measure cracks you have.  We note cracks that need stitched as well as any that need V-Grooved and patched.  We also look for any stains that may be present and need to be removed.  We give you the estimated cost and schedule the work to be done.

2.  We come out tape off areas to be worked on and tape plastic to protect all other areas.  We then grind the concrete to the profile that it needs to be.  We repair any cracks you may have and grind back over the repairs to get an even surface.  (There will be dust present but it is minimal as we have vacuums attached to our grinders).

3.  If a MVB (Moisture Vapor Barrier) needs to be installed we do that.  This will also be used as a base coat.  Otherwise, we will install a base coat.  We will then broadcast the quartz into the MVB or into the base coat.  We then let that coat dry (average 1 1/2hrs or 2 depending on temperature). 

4.  After it has dried, we will scrap and vacuum any excess quartz.

5.  We then put a grout coat (clear coat) down.  We will then broadcast another coat of quartz into the grout coat.  We let this coat dry.

6.  We will repeat step 4 by scrapping and vacuuming any excess quartz.

7.  We will then apply the top coat that has the traction additive.

8.  Once the top coat is dry, we will remove the tape and you may walk on it 2 hours after completion of installation and drive on it 24 hours after installation.​