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The Chip Epoxy Floor Coating is one of the most popular for garage floors.​

Residential Commercial Epoxy Flooring

​What is the most common reason that a customer will choose an epoxy floor with chips? The fact is, they choose it because it simply looks good. A new concrete floor has small imperfections in it.  It could be trowel lines or air bubbles that come to the surface.  When you put on clear or solid color epoxy, you will mostly still see these imperfections.  While this is ok in some applications due to the fact that the concrete is still being protected,  but most people want their home to look good an prefer to have a decorative look in their garage to compliment their home and vehicle that they park in there.

Epoxy Chip Flooring

Epoxy Garage Floors

Chip Epoxy Flooring looks good in Residential or Commercial applications.

Chip Epoxy Flooring

Chip Epoxy Garage Floors are the most popular among our clients.  They are chemical resistant and slip resistant while offering a decorative look.  They are easy to clean as well.