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cement epoxy coatings

commercial epoxy coating Uniontown PA

A Partial list of the services we provide.  Most of these services can be done on any concrete surface.  Ask us for details:


​Clean Concrete Patio
Clean Concrete Driveway
Clean Concrete Porch
Clean Concrete Sidewalk
Clean Concrete Steps
Clean Concrete Garage Floor
Clean Concrete Pool
Clean Concrete Kitchen Floor
Clean Concrete Bathroom Floor
Clean Concrete Mudroom Floor
Clean Concrete Laundry Room Floor


Seal Concrete Patio
Seal Concrete Driveway
Seal Concrete Porch
Seal Concrete Sidewalk
Seal Concrete Steps
Seal Concrete Garage Floor
Seal Concrete Pool
Seal Concrete Kitchen Floor
Seal Concrete Bathroom Floor
Seal Concrete Mudroom Floor
Seal Concrete Laundry Room Floor


Epoxy Concrete Patio

Epoxy Concrete Porch
Epoxy Concrete Garage Floor
Epoxy Concrete Pool
Epoxy Concrete Kitchen Floor
Epoxy Concrete Bathroom Floor
Epoxy Concrete Mudroom Floor
Epoxy Concrete Laundry Room Floor

Epoxy Concrete Driveway
Epoxy Concrete Sidewalk
Epoxy Concrete Steps

Overlay Concrete Patio
Overlay Concrete Driveway
Overlay Concrete Porch
Overlay Concrete Sidewalk
Overlay Concrete Steps
Overlay Concrete Garage Floor
Overlay Concrete Pool
Overlay Concrete Kitchen Floor
Overlay Concrete Bathroom Floor
Overlay Concrete Mudroom Floor
Overlay Concrete Laundry Room Floor

Repair Concrete Patio
Repair Concrete Driveway
Repair Concrete Porch
Repair Concrete Sidewalk
Repair Concrete Steps
Repair Concrete Garage Floor
Repair Concrete Pool

Repair Concrete Basement Floor
Repair Concrete Kitchen Floor
Repair Concrete Bathroom Floor
Repair Concrete Mudroom Floor
Repair Concrete Laundry Room Floor


Replace Concrete Patio
Replace Concrete Driveway
Replace Concrete Porch
Replace Concrete Sidewalk
Replace Concrete Steps
Replace Concrete Garage Floor
Replace Concrete Pool
Replace Concrete Kitchen Floor
Replace Concrete Bathroom Floor
Replace Concrete Mudroom Floor
Replace Concrete Laundry Room Floor

Replace Concrete Basement Floor

Refinish Concrete Patio
Refinish Concrete Porch
Refinish Concrete Garage Floor
Refinish Concrete Pool
Refinish Concrete Kitchen Floor
Refinish Concrete Bathroom Floor
Refinish Concrete Mudroom Floor
Refinish Concrete Laundry Room Floor

Refinish Concrete Basement Floor

​Refinish Concrete "Man Cave" Floor

Refinish Concrete Driveway

Refinish Concrete Sidewalk
Refinish Concrete Steps

Decorate Concrete Patio
Decorate Concrete Porch
Decorate Concrete Garage Floor
Decorate Concrete Pool
Decorate Concrete Kitchen Floor
Decorate Concrete Bathroom Floor
Decorate Concrete Mudroom Floor
Decorate Concrete Laundry Room Floor

Decorate Concrete "Man Cave" Floor

Decorate Concrete Driveway

Decorate Concrete Sidewalk
Decorate Concrete Steps

decorative epoxy coating

epoxy garage floor

​Services We Provide