Moisture vapor barrier: 
Replaces first coat in any system
Moisture vapor barrier reference: ​

industrial epoxy coatings

commercial architectural specs

Metallic option:
Very interesting look and easy to clean
Three coat or more system 
Metallic reference: ​

Solid color option:
Three coat or more system 
Solid color reference:​

Quartz option:
Extremely tough coating 
Colored quartz or solid color over quartz
Four or five coat system 
Quartz reference:

Chip floor option:
Hides an ugly floor
Plain or very fancy
Four coat system
Chip floor reference:

Clear coat option:
Two coats of clear provides an industrial look for concrete. 
Clear coat reference:

General installation:

We are certified HP Spartacote Master Installers
Excellent technical support from manufacturer
Proper prep work is the most important part of the installation. 
Dry diamond grind all concrete to 30 grit profile
Crack repair and patching varies
Moisture vapor barrier as required
Number of coats will vary depending on which system is selected. 
Anti-slip grit is put in top coat. 
Diamond top additive for very harsh environments
Clinical plus for anti-microbial 
Concrete advertising with vinyl 
Two versions - one 100% pure no VOC - other solvent based for exterior and cold weather (0 degrees F) applications
All UV stable products 
Fast return to service 
Typically walk on in two hours
Drive on in 24 - 36 hours

Phone:  304-276-7770


Architectural Information

This page has information like the specs for the HP Spartacote Resinous Flooring

Architectural specifications: