How We Install

We first grind the concrete surface to get it to a profile that the coating will have a mechanical bond to.

We then V-Groove and patch any cracks that may be present.

Then depending on which application, we will put the coating on in 3-5 coats with a dry time of 1 1/2 to 2 hours in between coats.  

We then put a slip resistant in the top coat of the coating.

You are able to walk on the surface two hours after the final coat.  You are able to drive on it 24 hours after the final coat.  

For a more in-depth list of steps for installation, click on the buttons below for the different systems.  As the installation is very similar, there are some systems that require a few extra steps.  All of our products are industrial strength that we use for residential, commercial and industrial epoxy applications.

Grinding is the ONLY method to prepare your floor for a coating.

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