​Why seal your concrete?

Sealing concrete is the best way to protect it from a variety of problems.  Sealing makes old concrete look new and clean, salt resistance, easier snow removal, greatly reduces moisture penetration, covers up stains, easy to clean, and nice curb appeal.  Reduces oil and other types of contamination of your concrete.  Sealing is the cheapest solution to protect your concrete.

Problem areas:

Sealing does not fill in bad spots, but it does protect the concrete.  Rust stains may reappear over time; these can be re-sealed as needed.  Gum spots must be removed during cleaning.  Oil spots must be treated before applying the sealer.

Professional Installation.  How we seal your concrete...

Step 1: We will clean your concrete.  The concrete must be free of any contaminates and bond breakers.  See our concrete cleaning guidelines.

Step 2: We apply Ardex Concrete Guard at 50% as a primer. This prime coat soaks into the clean concrete and creates a bond between the concrete and the sealer.  Also, the prime coat makes the top coat coverage more consistent. 

Step 3:  After the prime coat is dry, we put Ardex Concrete Guard (tinted concrete gray in color) sealer on the concrete.

Step 4:  Plan for maintenance. We will look at your concrete each year and let you know if anything is required.  We offer a variety of maintenance plans.

The Ardex Concrete Guard is a VOC free (no solvents, does have a paint odor), tinted sealer. we like the tinted sealer because you can see when the sealer wears. It's hard to see when a clear sealer wears. This is an excellent concrete sealer with 40% solids.  Every few years we reapply the sealer. You should always seal concrete.  You can view the Ardex Concrete Guard Technical Data Sheet for detailed information.

We can also apply the Ardex sealer to make other areas of concrete blend and look new and consistent.  This sealer is also used to cover stains and discolored concrete so it looks like new concrete.

How long does it last?

The life of the sealer depends on how the concrete is used on a daily basis.  Sidewalks we typically see a 3-4 year life.  Driving areas we see a 2 year life. With proper maintenance you can easily double the life of your concrete.  

Clean and Seal

powerwash concxrete

commercial concrete maintenance

This is the Hot Water Pressure Washer we use for our Cleaning and Sealing of your concrete!


We clean your concrete then we apply a tinted sealer to the concrete.  This allows you to know when the sealer is wearing off and needs redone.  This protects concrete.

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